Tuesday, May 12, 2009

7 secrets of Success

Good news....I get 'A' in Leadership subject....Thanks God...Alhamdulillah... Ok..today i want to share 7secrets of success. I get this from Leadership class mini seminar that presented by Husni, Hafizi, Nazrul, Haziman, Chan, Zulkarnain, Razaqi, Tan and Ng.

7Secrets Of Success......

I found the answers in my room.

Roof said: Aim high
Fan said: Be cool
Clock said: Every min. is precious
Mirror said: Reflect before you act
Window said: See the world
Calender said: Be up-to-date
Door said: Push hand to achieve your goals

So...weakup! make yourself success... We can do it and we also can success....IF WE WANT....


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